A tint of rose

A tint of rose

This is my take on Nigella’s Apricot Almond Cake with Rosewater and Cardamom recipe. I’d rate her recipe 5/5 although I made some changes to suit my taste. Her current Cookalong competition involves this cake, but I won’t be entering. If I won I’d have to pay to win the free signed cookbook. South Africa’s postal system is not for sissies!

I don’t enjoy baking as much as cooking and I don’t have a sweet tooth. So when I bake it’s for desserts when I have guests. I rely on other people’s recipes for baking because I don’t get too much practice. Baking relies a lot more on chemical reactions so there’s not much leeway for experimentation if you don’t know what you’re doing. I always add my own touch though.

I prefer coconut sugar as a substitute for cane sugar and it worked well with this cake. I’m not fond of pistachios, so I used pomegranate seeds instead. They add moisture and give the cake a more sumptuous look. Looks do count! I served it with a dollop of cream but I think Greek yogurt would be even better. I also baked the cake for 10 minutes less than suggested.

For ambience, I thought these throw pillows would enhance the exotic mood around the mosaic table. I’d place them on my black bistro chairs as this was set alfresco on my balcony. And candlelight at night – always! Yes, it’s my fabric design and I can have it if I want to! You can too: Roses are Red throw pillow.


My take on Nigella's Apricot Almond Cake. A throw pillow with a rich red and black rose pattern.


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