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Taste is one of the five senses that people have. ”
read more: Collins English Dictionary

Taste – An expression meaning something is excellent, cool or otherwise good.”
Urban Dictionary.

Here I embrace both these meanings of the word taste.


Table Mountain from the deck of the Sedov Russian sailing boat in the Cape Town Harbour at the V&A Waterfront
Table Mountain from the deck of the Russian sailing ship SEDOV in the V&A harbour.

And so this journey begins. Initially, this website was an idea to have one place to keep my favourite recipes. I adapt dishes from various sources, but many are my own. I focus on healthy eating, which can be as delicious as any other.

By healthy, I mean the right number of calories to eat per day to lose or maintain ideal weight, and variety to make sure to get those required nutrients. The way things are cooked matters too, but as with all my good intentions, I do break the rules sometimes.

I personally avoid adding cane sugar and salt. They are often hidden in various bought sauces and there are so many other ways to flavour food. If necessary, coconut sugar and date syrup is a a way of adding sweetness that is not just empty calories.

I avoid foods with gluten – not because I have coeliac disease, but because they cause me to gain weight. Dairy also causes me weight gain, but I find it very difficult to cut out cheese! And I do like milk in my cup of English Breakfast Tea!

I discovered by accident that I gained weight from certain foods. After a double mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiotherapy, I was left with lymphedema. My face also looked puffy and I felt rundown generally. After coming across an article about allergies, I thought I’d cut out these foods to see what happened. The lymphedema disappeared and a huge bonus was the unwanted weight that I lost. I’ve tried to eat this way ever since, but I do eat these things now and then. Being exclusively vegetarian didn’t work for me, but I include vegetarian and vegan recipes too.


About me and this website and where I live. Sunset on the Sea Point promenade.
About me: The Sunset Where I Live. Photo by @kentsilverhill








This is also where you’ll find my kitchen-themed shop with unique print designs.










If you are interested in purchasing my original mixed media art of iconic Cape Town architecture, please contact me here.

Clock Tower Cape Town V&A Waterfront. Mixed Media Artwork for Sale.
Clock Tower V&A Waterfront, Cape Town